Services and infrastructures

Universities participating in eMadrid project offer their capacity and knowledge of the state of the art in the field of educational technologies to companies and other public and private organizations. In particular the services offered include the following.


Analysis of technological and training needs of the organization. Advice on the implementation of the e-Learning initiative offering a tailored solution from a technical and pedagogical perspective.

Design, creation and management of online courses

Analysis of the training objectives of your organization and design of online courses and hybrid courses that offer the possibility of incorporating mlearning solutions, serious games and simulations, remote and virtual laboratories, adaptive learning, monitoring of standards, open educational resources, and tools that support new educational methodologies such as gamification or collaborative learning. Depending on the needs and objectives of the organization,we provide the ability to implement them in MOOCs (massive open online courses), LMS (learning management systems) or ITS (intelligent tutoring systems) among others.

Evaluation and Analysis of learning experiences

Making use of both traditional methods and methods in the area of learning analytics, processing a large amount of low level data (big data) transforming them for intelligent information, we evaluate and analyze the learning experiences of your organization through a series of indicators, providing visualization tools, information and action for improvement.

Implementation of e-Learning infrastructure

Design and implementation of customized training platforms and existing platforms components according to the requirements and expectations of each organization, meeting the specifications regarding content formats and services of international standards organizations to enable scalability and connection with other systems. These implementations may include the development of serious games, learning analytical tools, adaptive modules, remote labs, new educational activities, free software, collaborative tools, motors for implementation of different teaching methods, etc. eMadrid consortium has experience in developing and implementing different educational platforms with various programming languages and technologies.


Design of training plans tailored to each organization.

eMadrid consortium owns the necessary servers for the installation of different platforms and educational technology components to support different online courses, as well as to develop and implement new educational technology solutions.

For more information on the services offered and to make a request of them, you can contact us at the following email address:

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