SIMO EDUCATION 2016: "Teaching in a world of abundant resources"

October 20th 2016 | 10:30

SIMO EDUCATION 2016, the big event of the professional education sector with technology, has established itself as the benchmark in terms of trends, developments, ICT tools and solutions aimed at teaching, to improve learning processes and communication and management of schools. SIMO EDUCATION offer is completed with a program of activities, organized with the collaboration of education 3.0, and in which more than 200 sessions will be held in seven auditoriums, referring to all educational stages

Project Based Learning (PBL), Flipped Classrooms and tools and technological solutions to serve the educational innovation will be, once again, the focus of SIMO Education organized by IFEMA from 10 to 21 October 2016. There will be found both companies and public entities in the sector where innovation proposals will be made at all educational levels. eMadrid participate this year with a session titled “Teaching in a world of abundant resources” on Thursday, October 20 in the Aula Magna of 10: 30h to 11: 30h.



Currently there is no shortage of educational resources. There is a huge abundance, not just in content itself, but teaching practices available through videos and interactive applications: open educational resources (OERs), massive open online courses (MOOCs), educational websites, youtube channels, etc. How should university education in this open context? Does it make sense to base teaching in an industrial model of pure transmission of knowledge? What experiences are there in Spain on MOOCs? How can affect classroom teaching? What should be taught and how? What role does computational thinking? In this context of open content, is there a process of improving the delivery of teaching in class? In this session, organized by eMadrid net, several case studies concerning these issues will be presented.


October 20th, 2016

Carlos Delgado Kloos

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Gregorio Robles

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Rosa Cabedo

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 

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