«Human-centered learning analytics: Concepts, approaches, and initiatives of an emerging sub-community in Learning Analytics»

Alejandra Martínez Monés

Universidad de Valladolid

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Resumen de la ponencia

Learning analytics (LA) is reaching a maturity stage, where questions regarding the impact of the tools proposed by the LA community on its potential users have started to emerge with increasing strength. This has led researchers and practitioners to put the focus on several aspects related to the human factor in learning analytics. This approach comprises many interrelated stances, from the consideration of how the existing body of knowledge around human-centered design approaches can be applied to the LA field, to the reflection about the balance between the human and the tool in the dialog that learning analytics tools establish with their users. This human centered approach also implies the consideration of aspects of human agency, and cultural values. An emerging sub-community has arisen around these themes under the label of Human-Centered Learning Analytics (HCLA). This talk aims at presenting an overview of this community, of the topics it is related with, and of the main ongoing initiatives that the community has promoted to foster a the human-centered approach to learning analytics.  


Alejandra Martínez Monés is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the UVa, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction, and a member of the GSIC-EMIC research group. Her research interests relate to learning analytics applications for the orchestration of technology-enhanced learning, with a focus on helping teachers design and monitor learning activities. She is a nominal member of the Spanish Network of Learning Analytics (SNOLA) since its foundation. She is associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies and has co-authored 28 ISI-JCR indexed journal articles, as well as more than 100 conference papers and book chapters.



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