«Tomorrow is Too Late: The Time for Digital Transformation is Today»

Dan Avida


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Education is evolving, and so must the tools to enable the teaching and learning our students need today and in the future. Thanks to the rapid advancement in educational technology, educators can move away from the negative assumptions of online learning as a passive and subpar solution, and instead harness the flexibility and reach of online learning to create accessible, collaborative environments that prioritize inclusivity, engagement, and learner success. 

To do so requires continued growth from the movement that began before the pandemic, towards active and applied learning, alongside the integration of hybrid environments to provide learners with guided flexibility that has proven so valuable through the pandemic. While there is a learning curve on each of these fronts (active learning and hybrid environments) for both educators and students – the improved learning outcomes are worth the effort. Through effective active, collaborative learning, students work harder and learn more. Via hybrid learning environments, more students can access, participate and learn. 

The time is now for forward-looking academic institutions to invest in online learning platforms that give them the flexibility to seamlessly shift between synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid modalities while continuing to provide meaningful social interactions and human connections that increase engagement and provide students the tools they need to success in our digital, hybrid future. 

Engageli is a virtual learning platform purpose-built by educators to provide a superior learning experience and drive strong learner outcomes. With built-in research-based pedagogy and data-driven learner engagement, universities and organizations can reimagine the learning experience, create meaningful human connections, and drive success in an inclusive learning environment.



Dan Avida is the Co-Founder and CEO of Engageli. Before founding the company, Dan worked in technology as an executive and/or board member for more than three decades. Throughout his career, he has scaled several companies from a small founding team to over $100M in revenues and valuations of over $1B. As co-founder of Decru, he led the company from its inception through its acquisition. He also served as Chairman and CEO of EFI, where he oversaw the development of its flagship product from the earliest days and achieved market capitalization of over $3B. Most recently, he acted as General Partner at Opus Capital, where he led early-stage investments in several companies, including SolarEdge, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEDG). Dan has a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, summa cum laude, from Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.

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