«Education 4.0: Challenges and Lessons Learned from the Post COVID Era»

Miguel Rodríguez Artacho

About the event

In the last years years, e-learning technologies have successfully overcome the challenge of a significant transformation in education, especially during the global pandemic. In this situation, we have been able to scale many of the technologies that, so far, were only experimental, and it has been done it a successful way. This presentation shows some of the advances that have been consolidated, such as the effective scaling up of online learning and hybrid education systems including online laboratories as well as the development of standardized and curated educational resources. New challenges of security of e-learning environments have emerged. These challenges commended the use of artificial intelligence in education to minimally respond to disruptions experienced.


Miguel Rodríguez Artacho is a researcher and an associate professor at UNED, a Distance Education University in Spain. His main research focuses on the development of learning content specifications to model individual and collaborative learning processes, learning resources and tools. He was a member of the editorial board and Co-Chair of the IEEE SA Std. 1876-2019Working Group on Standard on Networked Smart Learning Objects for Online Laboratories, and participates in other Learning Technology standardization groups such as CEN-TC353, ISO-JTC1/SC36. Currently Miguel Rodríguez Artacho holds the technical secretariat of Spanish e-learning standardization body AEN/JTC1/SC36 and is Director of a postgraduate program in Educational Technologies at UNED:  He has been invited panelist of LT related conferences and has several publications concerning educational content modeling and collaborative learning environments.


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