«“Computer science in school education in Europe”, Eurydice report»

Eva Alcayde

Instituto Nacional de Evaluación de la Enseñanza

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The Eurydice network, in charge of disseminating information on European educational systems, has recently published the report “Computer science in school education in Europe”, which provides a complete comparative analysis of computer science teaching in primary and general secondary education, taking as reference course on 2020/21. Different learning outcomes have been analyzed both in subjects dedicated exclusively to computing, and in those in which computing is included as part of the content. In addition, data is provided such as the age at which they start learning computer-related content, the distribution of subjects, initiatives to increase the participation of girls in the area of ​​computer science, and teachers who teach subjects related to this area.
In this talk, specific data will also be pointed out on the situation of computer science education in Spain, where a comprehensive review of the curriculum in this area has taken place after the entry into force of Organic Law 3/2020 (LOMLOE).


Eva Alcayde has a degree in English Philology from the University of the Basque Country and is now a teaching official as a secondary English teacher. She was a teaching advisor at the Department of Education of Navarra, where she managed teacher training related to foreign languages and currently holds a position as a technical teaching advisor at the National Institute for Educational Assessment, where she is part of the Spanish unit of the European Eurydice network. . She is also an associate professor of Literature in the Department of English Studies at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she teaches courses in the Modern Languages and English Studies degrees.

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