«The Challenge of Introducing Coding in a Game»

Rasmus Pechuel

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Coding skills keep gaining in importance, posing a big challenge for the education sector to keep up with helping young people acquire the skills that are needed in the modern world. We are addressing this issue by creating a game as an app which can teach young people computational thinking and coding. Our focus is on creating a game which is attractive enough for learners to want to play it. In addition we want to make certain that it appeals to female learners, so we intentionally avoid topics such as robots, as is common with most of these kinds of approaches. We also want to put a focus on leading learners into the game in small steps that can teach them why coding is useful and make them want to embrace coding in order to be more successful in the game. In this presentation we will take a closer look at the game concept and at the challenges for achieving the learning goals.


Rasmus Pechuel worked for 7 years in the gaming industry in the US, where he built online support systems as the leader of a 6-person team. He then moved to the University of Cologne where, in addition to working as a lecturer, he was also tasked with setting up a new institution. In 2010 he left the university again to concentrate on starting his own company with a focus on software development in the fields of serious games and learning analytics. In addition to technical know-how, he has gained a lot of experience as an innovator, project manager and teacher trainer. 


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